Grr CoverGuerrilla Regents Review or GRR! : the only Global & US History Regents review that links real questions to real content empowering students to practice to improve their scores & their school's passing rate! Guerrilla Regents Review is unlike other Regents review books that merely try to condense 10,000 years of history into 300 pages. The analysts at GRR! have broken down recent Global & US History Regents exams into the most important themes! Included in the book are groups of questions based not on time periods, but major themes such as geography, economics, political systems, turning points & more! The review content of GRR! empowers students with the necessary information to answer & recognize the type of multiple choice question being asked & enough information to form the basis of a body paragraph for a thematic essay (the 2 most difficult parts of the exam!). GRR!'s strategies help students (& teachers) to attack the exam through practice, while building content knowledge & exposing them to hundreds of questions broken down into the most commonly asked themes.